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Isabel Garcia is the ultimate expression of a brand that revels in the luxurious, only the best quality fabrics and craftsmanship available from experts around the world.
Founded​ in 2009​ in Italy,​ Isabel Garcia is creating elegant, innovative ready-to-wear dresses, crafted with woven silk, cashmere and satins from France, Some gowns require such intricate work that they take a month to finish. No two pieces are the same here, but each carries with it a distinct personality. These clothes are about a young, tailored silhouette with a modern twist.

Minimum order 20pcs, might be cumulated for all Isabel Garcia collections
Dispatch time 7 business days

If your order is below the Minimum quantity please contact our Support
team. Sometimes it is possible to combine small orders from different
customers, however we do not guarantee the processing of such orders

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